Death of Bruce Lee – Destined or by chance ?

At the age of 32 only, Bruce Lee died from a brain aneurysm on July 20, 1973 just before the release of his last movie, Enter the Dragon. On May 10, 1973, Lee fainted during making of Enter the Dragon in Hong Kong. He suffered from headaches; he was admitted to hospital where doctors detected cerebral edema. On July 20, 1973, during evening Lee suffered from headache then Ting gave him painkiller, Equagesic.  Lee went for taking a nap. After taking it, he lapsed into a coma and could not be revived. A coroner’s inquest determined that he had a severe allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in the painkiller. This reaction caused an increase in the cerebrospinal fluid  on the brain, and he died that same day at the age of 32. When the doctors announced Lee’s death officially, it was ruled a “death by misadventure


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