Definitions of Motivation

The word Motivation derives from the Latin word “Movere”. The Latin words “Movere” means “To move”, “To drive” or “To drive forward” etc.

  1. Glueck said about Motivation as “Motivation is the inner state that energizes channels and sustains human behavior.”2.In Encyclopedia of Management – “Motivation refers to the degree of readiness of an organism to pursue some designed goal and implies the determination of the nature and locus of forces inducing the degree of readiness.”

    3. Joe Kelly defined Motivation as “Motivation is a process whereby needs instigate behavior directed towards the goals that can satisfy those needs.”

  2. Koontz and O’donnell-“Motivation is a general term applying to the entire class of drives, needs, wishes and similar forces.”
  3. Eduir B. Flippo – “Motivation is the process of attempting to influence others to do yours will through the possibility of gain reward.”
  4. Delton E. MC Farland – “The concept of motivation is mainly psychological. It relates to those forces operating within the individual employee or subordinate which impel him to act or not to act in certain ways.”
  5. William G. Scott -“Motivation means a process of stimulating people to action to accomplish desired goods.”




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