How to be Successful in Life


How can we succeed in our life?

Success – Everyone wants it but acquire it by the different mean. We all want to be successful but we all have a different definition of success. Some want external success like money, fame, name, good education, good designation etc… Some want internal success like peace, satisfaction, meditation, focus, silence etc…

I must say, both external and internal success is important in life. Some steps of life require external success but rest demand internal success.

First, you need to ask yourself-“Why you want to be successful” If you want success just to impress others then forget it. It’s a tough job for you. “Don’t be a people pleaser, be a work pleaser”. If you need success for society welfare or for the development of society then you can sooner or later achieve it because you connect your desire with positive deeds or positive karmas.

Here, are few tips which can help you in your journey to achieve success:

  1. Be hungry for knowledge

We all are running for results. Our all works are result centered not knowledge centered. Be a knowledge lover; try to awake your curiosity. Knowledge can make you unique in your field.

  1. Think Big – Thoughts have magic

Thoughts have energies. Thoughts are playing a very big role in our life. Thoughts are like seeds of a plant. If you plant good quality or fresh seeds in soil then you get good fruits. Same way, if you put good thoughts in starting of any work then you will get a good result. Try to think positive. Think big, if you think big then you will work according to it, you will try to achieve it.

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  1. Balancing – Important part of life

Balancing is a most crucial part of our life. We are going through many situations and in between all of this we want to be successful. We should try to balance our internal and external energies just to balance our mind. Balance mind can take a good decision. Meditation will help a lot in it. Through meditation, we can make equilibrium between our internal and external energies.

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  1. Expect less

Expect less from others. Don’t rely on others. You want to be successful, so you need to work for it.

  1. Be an action lover

Don’t be a day dreamer. Be an action lover. Action always speaks louder than words. Put your dreams energy into your action and get a good result.

  1. Avoid conflict

Conflict is a normal part of a life. We can avoid it because it wastes our lot of energies. Try to avoid it.

  1. Be Unique

Try to gain a lot of knowledge about your work so that you can make your work     “Unique”. Don’t play same games which others are playing. Play differently from others.

  1. Avoid Fear

  Fear is the biggest enemy of success. People are not able to live their dream just because of fear of failure. Always keep “move on” attitude. Work for your dream until it becomes successful. Don’t keep fear of failure, try yourself & just go on …

  1. Trust your idea

 Trust yourself. Trust your idea or dream. Clear you’re all doubts in initial time but once you started your journey then trust your idea always.

  1. Always seek time to time advice from knowledgeable person

 Before starting any big project, try to take advice from experienced person. If anyone criticizes your idea, take it in a positive manner and work on it again, try to remove weak points from it.

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