Silly but meaningful

  • Life is all about to live in the present but we always think about past and future.
  • Nothing is pre-determined but, we always looking for a future prediction.
  • We all find peace and comfort on the lap of the mother but we have no time for her.
  • We all talk about gender equality but in the case of a daughter in law, we forget everything.


  • Life is simple but we all are making it difficult by imposing so many faces on our face.
  • We can’t change our self but we expect it from others.
  • We all want disciple; we are great people, we also set disciple for a smile. ha ha ha


  • We are less busy in our self but we are more interested in others.
  • We all want to become like celebrities but celebrities too want to feel like us
  • We all love the truth but from others.
  • We are busy in making our life but we forget about each moment is making our life.
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