सन्यास को अपनाए, अपराध ना बनाए – ओशो

Osho – Meditation & Sanyas

ओशो का संन्यास के बारे में अलग ही सोच विचार रहा है | ध्यान के बिना आप आंतरिक शांति नहीं पा सकते और सन्यास भी जीवन के लिए बहुत जरुरी है | ओशो ये अच्छे से जानते थे कि बदलते वक़्त के साथ बदलना भी जरुरी है वरना सन्यास नाम कही इस दुनिया में खो ना जाए | ओशो हमेशा से ही पारम्परिक सन्यास और सन्यासियों के खिआफ थे | ओशो ने दुनिया को सन्यास का सही अर्थ समझाया – ओशो कहते है कि सन्यास मानवता की आत्मा है | उसे बचाया ही जाना चाहिए | अब सन्यास को नए रूप में आना होगा | सन्यास को पूरी दुनिया में फैलाना है | संसार में उसकी जड़े होगी और उसकी सुवास आकाश में फैलेगी | ओशो ने सन्यास देना शुरू किया और उन्होंने सबसे पहले सन्यास दिया “माँ आनन्द मधु” को 24 सितम्बर 1970 में | Continue reading “सन्यास को अपनाए, अपराध ना बनाए – ओशो”

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Osho on Buddha – बुद्धत्व को जानो -ओशो

दोस्तों Osho के बारे में कौन नहीं जानता है | ओशो मैडिटेशन गुरु के नाम से भी famous है | आज हम आप को The Heart Sutra 1978 में दिए गए कुछ ख़ास osho ज्ञान के बारे में बताएंगे  Continue reading “Osho on Buddha – बुद्धत्व को जानो -ओशो”

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Pain Less delivery is possible without medicine – Osho

From Labor pain to Labor bliss

A doctor called Lamaze has trusted in human consciousness and managed thousands of painless deliveries of babies for women. This method is of “Conscious cooperation” that the mother tries to cooperate meditatively, during the delivery. She welcomes it, does not fight against it. The pain is produced is not because of the childbirth but because of the fight the mothers makes it. She tries to resist the whole mechanism of childbirth. Continue reading “Pain Less delivery is possible without medicine – Osho”

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Be a Self judge person – Brahma Kumaris

We all are busy but still, we are able to find time for judging others, Interesting! We are more interested in others life. All time we want to know, what all are going in other’s life? Then we are saying we have no time for our own self. Why are other people so important for us? We are not spending even 5 minutes on our self for creating equilibrium between energies within us. We are suffering from “Prejudgment” disease. Without knowing the truth or without knowing the full story, we are judging others so easily.

“Don’t Judge a book by its cover”  Continue reading “Be a Self judge person – Brahma Kumaris”

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Must-Know Tips to Start Meditation at Home

Meditation can be referred to as a tool that helps you combat stress, improves your immunity, mitigates chronic pain, helps you sleep better and stay peaceful and fulfilled throughout the day. It is only when you start meditating that you will sense the state of disarray of your thoughts. Continue reading “Must-Know Tips to Start Meditation at Home”

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Try to cry – cry from the the bottom of heart

Positive energies have a magical touch. Positive vibration helps you to stay motivated. Everyone has good and bad days, happiness and sorrow in their life. But it is a human nature; humans are more attached and stick to hard days. They remembered their hard days and sorrow or betrayal feeling again and again. Only one – time situation happened to them but they felt it again and again. It creates negative energies in them. Everyone has a bad day in his life but remembering that day regularly is not right. According to research, tension and stress are one of the reasons of CANCER disease.  Today’s life is very hectic, we all are busy. We didn’t realize, we are adding tension and stress in our heart by remembering sorrows, hard time and betrayal feeling. We guys think a lot about it.  We are taking a lot of negative energies inside us.

There is a way to tackle this kind of problem. To stay positive we need to exhale all negative energies from us. Although we have a lot of meditation technique for this. Today I will tell you one simple technique for rescuing yourself from negative energies.

Try to cry

Yes! I am not joking. Whenever you feel, you want to cry. Cry from your bottom of a heart. Never stop your tears. Try to sit alone, remember all bad things happened to you, all hurt, all pain you have, cry as much your heart want. If you feel to shout, shout.

You realize that you are feeling better, more relaxed and sleepy. If you want to sleep just sleep….. Relax. That’s all.

Try to cry only once about the things which disturb you, not again and again, but cry with a full heart. Through crying, you are exhaling all negative and betrayal feeling out of your body. God has given us two important techniques for manage positive and negative energies

Smile and Cry

A smile can add positive energies in our body system. Through Smile you can inhale positive energies inside. Try to smile as much as possible. Try to smile at small – small things. Add happy moments in your heart.

The Cry can help you to exhale negative energies. Always cry with your full heart. It will surely help you.

Try these techniques in your life. You will find a great difference. You guys are already doing this but unknowingly, now you know all concepts. Now you will do it with consciousness. It will help you a lot.



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