New Ray Towards Happy Life


Sometimes, It is difficult to take a single breath. We all have everything – money, luxury, relationship, family and friend but still, we are lacking something. We all are running to achieve something but after achieving it, our desire changed then we desire something else and running for desires are going on. It’s like we are running on a track for racing competition but there is no end. We love most of the people or you can say we desire or expect love from everyone but somewhere we all forget to love our own self. We all are busy to give love to other or to take love from others. One person who is standing just opposite to you in front of the mirror is more important than anything. Value that person, give love and respect to him/her.


We all are burdened with lots of responsibilities. Few responsibilities we are taking directly and few responsibilities are imposed by society. We all are so frustrated in our life but still we are not brave enough to break society’s norms and rules.


If we see faces of different people walking on the road or rushing towards their office then we can easily realize stress, strain, frustration and dissatisfaction. Still, we are keeping a fake smile on lips and we are saying “We are Fine “. No, we are not fine. There is something which is incomplete. Our soul needs something different for refreshment but our brain are hungry for money or success so we all are running or keeping our self – busy to earning money.

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For refreshing yourself or to make yourself free from all negative energies, you just need to follow few different steps in your life:-


  • Start playing with kids. Kids can give you lot of reason for a smile.
  • Start dancing without reason or sometimes without music. In this way, you can feel the music which is going inside you.
  • Start Laughing without reason. Try to seek happiness in small – small things.
  • Start your day with a smile always.
  • Always say to yourself; this is the best day of your life.
  • “I can do it”, Say this sentence before start any new project.




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