Learn from Children

Learn from Children

Children are a pure form of God. You can feel God in the touch of children. Children are a secret book of God. God have given a lot of good traits to children. We can learn a lot from them. Children too can teach us, we just need to have an open mind.

There is a myth which everyone is following that they know everything. Something is still hidden which you don’t know. You all are running in your life, seems quite busy, handling the huge responsibility of your family. Have you ever noticed a child, “a pious creature of God” You will say, of course, someone will say, I am a mother or father so I know everything about children. No No, I am not talking about how to take care of children. I am saying have you ever noticed a child as a Secret book of God. God makes a lot of knowledgeable things hidden in a child. For uncovering this fact, you need to pause yourself for a while. Spend some time with pious heart means children. Try to understand them, keep close eyes on their activities. You will find enormous good but different attitude. Attitude is only a word but it has a different meaning. Your attitude defines you, your attitude describe you. Your attitude tells others, what kind of person you are. Children are so pure from their heart that you can feel their purity. Children are innocent when you hear their innocent talks; you will feel like laughing and enjoy their kiddish tit bits. They don’t understand any relation; they just understand the music of love.
Laugh without reason
Children teach us “Laugh without reason”. Children are the happiest person on the earth. They can smile without any reason. They extract happiness even from the smallest of a small moment. If you try to be happy without any reason then it is very difficult for you because for this you need to be pure from your heart. Children have only one face, they are very pure. What they think will appear on their face. They are not pretending anything in front of others. They are just being what they are; Simple, pure and straight.

We live in a society where we need to wear different faces on our face just to please others. This creates a lot of layering on our face and we are not able to see our real face. We already painted our face with a different color of society and it creates bourdon on us then a smile is difficult for us. For unconditional happiness, we first need a pure heart and we need to wipe all faces which we wear for others. We should only have one face. We should be a straight person. Whatever we think we should say it. If we think this matter is not right to say in front of others then we should not think about it. Try to be pure, try to be straight like children then unconditional happiness is not a difficult task for you.
Care about people only, not their status

If you ask from children what is the difference between General Manager and Manager? They hardly answered it. They just know the people, not their status, not their positions. They are impartial of creed, religion, caste, color. They just want the love of all the people living on this beautiful earth irrespective of all these things. They don’t consider worth all the materialistic things. People are more towards money, status and position of others. If you talk with General Manager of XYZ Company then a gesture of your body is different, your attitude is different but if you talk to watch man of the society then your gesture is different, and your attitude is different. WHY? Now notice any child; they will surely interact with these two with the same attitude, in turn, it depends on how these two will behave with a child. Children teach us to behave with the same attitude with others irrespective of their status or position in society.
Children convince others but without Ego
Children are very active and they know how to convince others with their smile or tears. If they need a toy from you, they start pleasing you but without ego and without hurting you. If you will not give that thing which they are demanding, after few moments they forget about it and start playing with other things. Children know the concept of life more than us. They do not stick to one thing. They only believe in live life joyfully.
Heed to the pious creatures

Try to analyze children, one very special trait they have; “live in present”. Children live in present only. They don’t care about future because they are not materialistic. They spend their all time with others, they always want to play with others. They don’t feel any competition with others. Each and every moment, they just want to play. Life is all about happiness and peace but we all forget about it. We all feel completion with others. We are materialistic that’s why we always take tension about future. We always strive for more money and status, because of money, we even not able to sleep properly. Have you ever seen any child have greed for money? Children even don’t know the value of money, they just understand the value of emotions. We people only care about money instead of emotions.
Children live in the present. They don’t have any worries and tension. They always have a beautiful smile on their face. If you try to keep a smile on your face all time so it is a difficult task for you because people are not living in the present, people live in either past or in future. If you think about past and future then you definitely have worries on your head. For peaceful and satisfied life, you should live in present only.
Children easily forget about the past, they always live in the present. Children have an eraser which erases their past bad experience. We should also keep that eraser with us, for vanish all bad past experiences.

You are pure, you are beautiful
Oh, Children, You are pious like God
You are fresh, you are blissful
Oh, Children, You are innocent like God
It’s a myth, we teach you
Reality is, you teaches us like God
You are the sunshine, you are a beautiful moon
Oh, Children, we can see a great future in you.

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