Dilemma of working women


We all have a beautiful life. We all are busy but being a woman, we are overburdened with societies’ norms and responsibilities or you can say women can manage many things at one time that’s why societies are expecting too much from them. Today’s life is so complicated for women. Women need to play too many roles in her life and she gets confused.

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Now a days, Working women’s life becomes more complicated and hectic. She needs to take care of her family, children, and career. Working women missed so many beautiful and precious moments of her children. She can’t play with her kids in the park. She can’t enjoy day time fun with her kids. Because of short of time, she needs to run for office and in between this, her kid is innocently saying “Don’t go, Mumma, I need you”. She left home with teary eyes. For maintaining working life, she needs to pay a lot for it. She has to leave her child alone in the home. She missed so many moments which she could enjoy with her kids.
Women development or just a so called saying
It is so certain that now women have made their position in the society as a strong man. They are also capable of fulfilling the norms of the society. We all talk about equality but forget it in the case of daughter or daughter in law. People want the girls to maintain equilibrium between their job and household works but want to give all the comforts to the boys. Why is it so? We must think about it seriously.
We all are talking about women upliftment. Is this really a women upliftment? Now, priorities are changing. Girls are more towards their career. They also want to achieve something in their life. Families should support their girl for achieving their career goal but families are showing their support only in terms of allowing them for doing the job or for further education. Families want that girl should behave like a robot. She should first finish all household work and then she should give time to her career. Is this a women upliftment?

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